Taking Care of You & Your New Bras

Taking Care of You & Your New Bras

Thank you for visiting our boutique and taking the time to be professionally fit! We hope that we exceeded your expectations. Following is information our customers have found useful.

If you are able, put your bra on by placing your arms through the straps and lean forward to fill the cups. Reach behind to hook on the first row (loosest setting). Then you can scoop your breasts forward, out from under your arms and make sure the wire is secure under your breast and not too low on your ribs. If you need to hook your bra in front and then spin it around, be careful to do so by holding onto the band (not the cups) so it’s less likely to bend the wires out of shape.

We have fit you into a bra that is as firm as it needs to be to stay secure. You really should not have to adjust yourself during the day. If you are, it is because the bra needs to be firmer. If your straps are slipping off your shoulders, it is most likely because the band is too loose and rides up your back making the strap too long for that position. We realize that this sounds counter-intuitutive! If you are finding it hard to wear the new bra, please break-it-in by wearing it for just a portion of the day and then trying again the next day. Please don’t be tempted to cast it aside! Customers report to us all the time that a bra that they did not like on day 1 or 2 eventually became their favorite bra. If you have decided that the bra is really not working for you but is still in new condition with tags, we will happily refund for store credit and refit you in something you love. We deserve a second chance to hear your feedback and find you a better favorite amongst our 20 brands.

You may find that you have “marks” on your skin where your bra was applying pressure and compressing your skin. This is normal and akin to seeing marks where your watch or socks were worn all day. This will fade. If you are finding chaffing at the bra line, move to the tighter hooks.


Please hand-wash your bras! This will greatly extend the life of foundation products and ensure that they will remain comfortable and in good shape. Do not put bras in a dryer: heat expands metals, shrinks materials, and breaks down elastics. If you have experienced wires popping out of your bra it could be because the cup is not big enough, the bra was twisted in a washing machine, or the bra has been machine dried. Ideally you have at least 3 basic bras in rotation: one for wearing, one for washing, and one resting. Industry polling results are that a bra will last an average of 9 months. We believe that if your size has not changed, if you have a few bras in rotation, and if you are hand-washing and hang-drying, you can expect more than that from the bras we are selling.

Questions still?
Please don’t hesitate to reach us with any other questions you have. We do like to connect with you a week or so after your fitting to learn from the experience. Stop in anytime for a free adjustment of the bra you are wearing. We aim to win you over with super service and perfect products.
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