A bra that fits properly can change your outlook

A bra that fits properly can change your outlook

How does it happen that so many of us are wearing the wrong bra? Usually it's because we've shopped without guidance or chosen from a narrow assortment of size possibilities. For these reasons, a visit to City Drawers is what you need. We carry over 20 brands in more than 140 hard-to-find or unheard-of sizes. When you are wearing a size or style meant for you, it will be much more comfortable and flattering.

Call 207-307-7261 to reach our store in Bangor, ME, or 207-338-9980 for our store in Belfast, ME.

What is a bra-fitting like at City Drawers?

What is a bra-fitting like at City Drawers?

Although we will never rush you, you may want to allow at least 30 minutes.
No appointment is necessary.
If you need a bra or shapewear to work with a special occasion outfit,
please bring that if you can.
Our dressing rooms are large enough for us to be there with you if you need or want help. There is a seat for you to use if you need.

We are an all-inclusive boutique

The benefits to shopping in person are to try-on the items you're purchasing, but also to
work with caring staff who has seen it all before and can guide you with solutions.

Our selection of women's undergarments includes...

Maternity bras
Sports bras

Find a bra that will support you in your formal dress or get you through a busy day at work. We carry items for all ages, from young girls shopping for their first training bra to older women looking for a comfortable style and anyone in between.

Visit our boutique today and we'll help you find bras you love.


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