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Is Your Bra Fitting You? ~ You may not even know!
City Drawers professional bra fitting services at our Bangor, Hallowell, and Belfast, Maine locations
What’s in a number?
The number part of a bra size is referring to the size of your ribcage in inches.
Approximately. Every brand runs a little different, and fabrics have different stretch, so this is only a starting point.

What’s in a letter?
The letter part of a bra size is indicating the difference between the circumference at the your ribcage subtracted from the circumference of the fullest point of your bust. A=1″difference, B=2″ and on. Approximately.

How does it happen that so many of us are wearing the wrong bra? Usually it’s because we’ve shopped without guidance or chosen from a narrow assortment of size possibilities. For these reasons, a visit to City Drawers is what you need. We carry over 20 brands in more than 140 hard-to-find or unheard-of sizes. We provide professional bra fittings at our Bangor, Belfast, and Hallowell ME locations.

City Drawers has been assisting women of all ages and stages with bra fittings for over a decade.

It’s always a good day for a fitting here.

We Offer Solutions For:

  • Girls needing their first bra
  • Everyday comfort
  • Special occasion dresses
  • Low or high-impact sports
  • Date night matching sets
  • Bras for nursing moms
  • Post-surgical bras
  • Breast forms and pocketed bras

What can you expect during A BRA-FITTING AT CITY DRAWERS?

We will want to get a measurement of your rib cage using a tape measure. This does not need to happen if you are modest or are wearing a bra we are familiar with. We do not need to see you topless at any point during a fitting, but we do like to see you in and adjust for you any bra that fits that you are considering purchasing. If you are in a hurry or want the extra help, we can stay in the dressing room to help you try on bras. This is your choice and we are happy to accommodate you either way. We will take care of bringing items to the dressing room for you and cleaning up afterward.

When assessing a new bra there are three criteria you should consider:

  • First is the technical fit. We will make sure that the band, cup, and style are the best fit for you. If not, we will bring you other styles and sizes to try. We will adjust the band and straps for you.
  • Secondly, you can consider if you like how the bra looks on you. This is good to also check with clothing and without. We can point out the features of all styles and help you find the most flattering one for you and your lifestyle.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, is the fit comfortable? This is for you to decide. If it is not right, we can help you with other options and sizes.

No appointment is necessary! Come to our underwear boutiques in Bangor, Hallowell, and Belfast, Maine where we’re always ready to help you build a bra wardrobe you’ll love. Contact us today.

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